KAZAM Tornado 348

The world's slimmest smartphone

KAZAM Tornado 348

The KAZAM Tornado 348 sets the pace in the world of smartphone design. Sleek and slender, packed full of the latest technology, the KAZAM Tornado 348 is the ultimate smartphone to slip in your pocket.

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  • 4.8" of AMOLED perfection

    Taking you right to the edge

    The AMOLED screen improves response times and contrast ratio, giving a superior viewing experience. The screen also consumes significantly less power, meaning that you can spend longer watching the things you want without killing your battery. The KAZAM Tornado 348 screen fills the device, thanks to the super slim 1.8mm bezel on either side of the screen.

    Designed to take your breath away

    5.15mm of cutting edge technology

    Built around a precision engineered aluminium-magnesium alloy, the robust design allows for a super slim device whilst maintaining maximum strength. Encased on both sides by Gorilla Glass©, the colours have a deep glossy finish, amplified further by the Champaign gold trim of the uni-boy design. Available in black or white

    Octa-core and a whole lot more…

    KAZAM Tornado 348 packed tightly with the letest and greatest

    The KAZAM Tornado 348 is not just a sensational design, if you look beneath the sleek exterior there is some heavy hitting technology.


    Our Mediatek True8core processor works seamlessly within the KAZAM Tornado 348 to provide outstanding user experience. The 8 cores work independently of each other for maximum multi tasking, or together when you need the extra power.

    Android 4.4

    KitKat offers a more polished design, improved performance and some new features to provide a truly immersive experience

Record Breaking

The KAZAM Tornado 348 is the slimmest smartphone in the world

In 2014, the KAZAM Tornado 348 was registered in the Guinness book of records as the slimmest smartphone in the world. With its 5.15mm slim body, the KAZAM Tornado 348 will give you a unique experience.

It’s certainly slim, but it’s not slim on features. The KAZAM Tornado 348 includes advanced technical capabilities and its streamlined shape makes it extremely comfortable to use.

Material values

Gorilla Glass 3 is both protective and stylish

The screen and the rear surface of the KAZAM Tornado 348 are covered with the finest protective glass, Gorilla Glass 3, which has a high resistance to shocks and scratches. Apart from its practical features, Gorilla Glass, with its glossy surface, makes the smartphone extremely stylish.

The smartphone’s edging and internal parts of aluminium alloy make the device lightweight at 95.5 grams whilst being very durable. The metal frame is damage resistant and prevents bending. Now that’s a smart phone!

Perfect performance

Design without compromise

The KAZAM Tornado 348 is more than just an ultra-slim smartphone. Its straight clear lines and slightly rounded corners give it an elegant design and minimalistic style. You’ll not just want to use it, you’ll want to wear it like a fashion accessory!

Fresh Look

4.8" AMOLED HD display gives perfect picture quality

With the KAZAM Tornado 348’s AMOLED HD display you can enjoy high quality images.

A wide colour range, high contrast images and multiple viewing angles, combine to give you a superior visual experience.

Real OctaCore Processor

Faster with 8-core processor MT6592 Octa Core 1.7 GHZ

The KAZAM Tornado 348 is equipped with an eight core MT6592 Octa Core processor with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz, made by the architecture of ARM Cortex-A7. This allows you to either use all the cores simultaneously, which improves overall system performance, or to disable some of the nuclei and retain more battery life.

With its Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and its high performance capabilities, the KAZAM Tornado 348 supports multitasking, easily coping with the most memory demanding applications and games.

Supreme photographic control

8 Mega pixel AF/AE camera and 5 mega pixel front camera

The KAZAM Tornado 348’s 8 mega pixel camera will allow you to collect many colourful photographs in your gallery as well as many likes on social networks. This slimmest smartphone on Android, with high-quality optics and integral sensors, will help you to realise even the most sophisticated of ideas.

With the selective autofocus (AF) you can choose the areas you want to focus on within the frame. What’s more with auto exposure (AE) you can control the balance of light on your pictures regardless of the shooting conditions.

Options on the go

Get connected with the support of OTG (USB ON-THE-GO)

With a 16 GB internal memory, the multimedia potential of the KAZAM Tornado 348 is massive. However, if this is not enough memory for you, support of OTG (USB On-the-Go) will make it easy to connect to additional devices such as a flash card or a keyboard.

Bonus features

The KAZAM Tornado 348 has extra functions that we know you’ll appreciate

  • The Pocket mode prevents accidental unlocking of the smartphone and eliminates the possibility of making unauthorized calls or launching the applications when the device is in your pocket or purse.

  • Fans of lie-ins will like the Pause Alarm function which postpones the wake-up call for another 5 minutes.

  • Gestures will provide quick access to applications. Double-tap the screen and the smartphone will come to life (wake up from sleep mode), or type the symbol programmed for the relevant application, and it will be launched.

  • With Smart Answer you can accept an incoming call by simply bringing your smartphone to your ear. Bring the device to your ear and the Smart dial feature will make a call to the contact you just wrote an SMS to or who you have searched for in the phone book.

KAZAM Rescue

If you run into trouble with your device give us a call, our agents can remotely access your phone to see whats going on. It means we can fix 70% of issues before you hang up - cool huh!

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Free Screen Replacement

KAZAM Screen Protection covers you if you accidentally crack your screen.

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3 Year Warranty

Upgrade from the standard 2 year warranty to 3 years, when you register your KAZAM device.

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