Huawei To Launch Nova 12 Series And Others With Kirin Chip Without An Event

Nova 12

Huawei Nova 12 Series to Launch Without an Event, Emulating Mate 60 Strategy, Huawei is set to release its Nova 12 series, which includes the Nova 12, Nova 12 Pro, and Nova 12 Ultra. In a departure from traditional launches, Huawei plans to directly list these models for sale, similar to the approach taken with the Mate 60 series. This decision indicates a shift in Huawei’s marketing strategy for its smartphone lineup.

No More Launch Events for Kirin Chip Products

According to the Chinese leaker on Weibo, future products featuring Kirin chips, including the Nova 12 series, will no longer have dedicated launch events. This change in strategy suggests a new direction for Huawei in promoting its products.

Specifications and Features of the Nova 12 Series

The Nova 12 series is expected to come in three models. The standard Nova 12 will likely support only 4G networks and be powered by the Snapdragon 778G 4G processor, with 66W fast charging support. The Nova 12 Pro and Nova 12 Ultra are anticipated to feature a new Kirin 5G chip, similar in overall specifications to the Kirin 9000S but with a slightly lower clock speed for the super-large core and the same GPU, Mali-G78.

Performance and Highlights

While the performance of the new platform might be slightly lower than the Kirin 9000S, the overall user experience is expected to be comparable. The Nova 12 Ultra, in particular, is set to be the most notable model, potentially incorporating second-generation Kunlun glass and satellite communication features, aligning its specifications with the Mate 60 Pro.

Huawei’s Strategic Focus

This launch strategy reflects Huawei’s emphasis on the Nova 12 series, as indicated by the replacement of Mate 60 series billboards with Nova 12 advertisements. The Nova 12 series represents Huawei’s continued innovation in the smartphone market, offering advanced features and technology to its users.

In summary, Huawei’s Nova 12 series is poised to make a significant impact in the smartphone market with its advanced features and strategic launch approach. The series is expected to offer a blend of performance and innovation, catering to the evolving needs of smartphone users.


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