OnePlus 12 Price Reduction Rumors Busted By President Li Jie

OnePlus 12 price

In response to recent rumors about a price drop for the OnePlus 12, Li Jie, the President of OnePlus China, took to Weibo on December 7, 2023, to firmly deny these claims. He stated that the rumors of a price reduction were fabricated and that OnePlus would buy back any phones sold at a reduced price at their original cost.

OnePlus 12 Price Rumors and Response

  • Rumor Denial: Li Jie clarified that the rumors about the OnePlus 12’s price drop were artificially created and spread in an organized manner across various channels.
  • Buyback Promise: In a bold move, Li Jie promised that if any customer managed to purchase the OnePlus 12 at a reduced price, OnePlus would buy it back at the official retail price. This could potentially allow customers to profit, provided they find the phone at a discounted rate.
  • Report to Police: OnePlus has reported the organized defamation against the OnePlus 12 to the Dongguan police. The company has identified several companies behind these actions and is currently gathering evidence. Any new developments will be shared with the public promptly.

OnePlus 12’s Pricing Strategy

  • Pricing Philosophy: When asked about the OnePlus 12’s pricing of 4299 yuan in a previous interview, Li Jie mentioned that profit is not OnePlus’s primary concern at the moment. He reiterated the company’s statement from its 9th anniversary, saying that OnePlus’s hardware net profit margin could be zero over the next three years.

OnePlus’s Commitment to Quality

  • Li Jie emphasized OnePlus’s dedication to creating high-quality products and providing the best possible experience for its users. This approach is reflected in the OnePlus 12, which aims to offer an outstanding user experience in its category.

The OnePlus 12 has garnered significant attention, leading to various rumors and speculations. OnePlus’s strong stance against these rumors and its commitment to maintaining its pricing strategy highlights the company’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction.


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