Vivo is Testing Satellite Communication With Vivo X100 Pro+

Vivo x100 pro

According to the new reports on Weibo, Vivo is testing satellite communication capabilities on its upcoming X100 Pro+ model, marking a significant technological advancement in the smartphone industry. This development follows Huawei’s introduction of satellite communication in its phones, indicating that satellite communication features will no longer be exclusive to Huawei devices.

Vivo X100 Pro+ Satellite Communication Testing

  • Testing Phase: The vivo X100 Pro+ has begun testing satellite communication capabilities, although it is reportedly the last among smartphone manufacturers to do so.
  • Launch Expectations: The vivo X100 Pro+ is part of the vivo X100 series and is expected to be released in March next year.

Satellite Communication Chip Specifications

  • Chipset: The vivo X100 Pro+ will be equipped with the Unisoc (formerly known as Spreadtrum) V8821 satellite communication SoC chip. This chip is the first in China to integrate common communication device functions such as baseband, RF, power management, and storage.
  • Capabilities: The chip supports S and L dual frequency bands and offers various functions, including data transmission, text messaging, calls, and location sharing. It is characterized by low power consumption, small size, and high reliability.
  • Applications: The chip is suitable for direct satellite connection for phones, satellite IoT, and satellite vehicle networking, providing a wide range of application services.

Other Specifications of vivo X100 Pro+

  • Processor: The vivo X100 Pro+ is expected to feature Qualcomm’s third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip.
  • Battery and Charging: It will have a built-in 5400mAh battery, supporting 120W fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging.

The introduction of satellite communication capabilities in the vivo X100 Pro+ represents a significant step forward for vivo and the smartphone industry as a whole. This feature will be particularly useful in extreme scenarios where terrestrial network signals are unavailable, potentially even saving lives in critical situations. The vivo X100 Pro+ is poised to be a highly anticipated release, offering advanced satellite communication technology along with other high-end specifications.


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