What’s New In iOS? The Latest Release of iOS 17.2 Beta 4 Tells Everything


Apple is in the final stages of developing iOS 17.2, with the release anticipated for December. As the beta testing phase nears its conclusion, Apple continues to refine and enhance the operating system by adding new features and functionalities.

Here’s an overview of the latest additions found in the fourth beta of iOS 17.2

New Default Notification Sound Option

In the “Sounds & Haptics” settings, there’s a newly added “Default Alerts” section. This feature allows users to select a sound for all incoming notifications, excluding texts, mail alerts, and calendar alerts, which already have customization options. Users can choose from various text tones for the default notification sound and also have the option to modify the haptic vibration for these notifications.

Changes to Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

Initially, collaborative Apple Music playlists were a part of an earlier iOS 17.2 version. However, Apple has removed this feature in the fourth beta. This removal indicates that collaborative playlists might not be included in the final release of iOS 17.2.

AppleCare Settings Update

In the Settings > General menu, the “Coverage” section has been renamed to “AppleCare & Warranty.” This section continues to provide AppleCare information for your iPhone and connected devices like the Apple Watch and AirPods. Additionally, under General > About, there’s a new Warranty section offering coverage details specifically for the iPhone.

Recording to External Devices with iPhone 15 Pro

For iPhone 15 Pro models, iOS 17.2 introduces the capability to record ProRes video directly to an external device. A new pop-up message in this beta version alerts users when external recording is not functioning due to a slow USB-C cable. This complements the existing warning about external storage devices not supporting the required write speed for external recording, with an added note about the USB-C cable’s write speed.

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Changes to iTunes Purchases

iOS 17.2 beta 4 contains code that suggests Apple plans to discontinue the option to purchase TV shows and movies in the iTunes app. Instead, these purchases will need to be made in the Apple TV app in the future. While this change hasn’t been implemented yet, the code states, “You can buy or rent TV shows and find your purchases in the Apple TV app.”

Additional Features in iOS 17.2 Beta 4

If you’re aware of any features in iOS 17.2 Beta 4 that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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