Xiaomi 14 Series Would Be The First To Feature WiFi 7 Support


Xiaomi has officially entered the era of WiFi 7, with the Xiaomi 14 series being the first to receive support for this advanced wireless technology. According to an announcement from Xiaomi’s official Weibo account on December 5, 2023, other models such as the Xiaomi 13 series and the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 series will also gradually receive support for WiFi 7.

Xiaomi’s Transition to WiFi 7

  • Xiaomi 14 Series: The Xiaomi 14 series is leading the way in adopting WiFi 7, allowing users to experience the most robust WiFi 7 network capabilities.
  • Router Support: Xiaomi’s 10-gigabit router and the Xiaomi Router 7000 have already received WiFi 7 firmware updates, enhancing the overall network performance.

Advancements in WiFi 7 Technology

WiFi 7, the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, builds upon the foundation of WiFi 6. It introduces several advanced technologies, including:

  • 320MHz bandwidth
  • 4096-QAM
  • Multi-RU
  • Multi-link operation
  • Enhanced MU-MIMO
  • Multi-AP cooperation

These technological advancements enable WiFi 7 to offer higher data transfer rates and lower latency compared to WiFi 6. Notably, WiFi 7 can support throughput rates of up to 30Gbps, approximately three times that of WiFi 6.

Benefits of WiFi 7

  • Channel Aggregation: WiFi 7 can aggregate multiple channels, alleviating link interruption issues in congested network environments. This feature ensures faster, more stable, and reliable connections, which is particularly beneficial for high-quality video streaming and cloud gaming.
  • Interference Resolution: WiFi 7 addresses interference issues, bringing tangible benefits to areas with dense device deployment or overlapping networks. This is especially important for businesses and large venues.

Xiaomi’s move to WiFi 7 with the Xiaomi 14 series and subsequent updates to other models represents a significant step in enhancing wireless connectivity for its devices. The adoption of WiFi 7 technology is expected to provide Xiaomi users with faster, more reliable, and more efficient wireless network experiences, catering to the growing demands for high-speed internet in various applications.


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